Prescribed Fire Training Exchanges (TREX)

Prescribed Fire Training Exchanges provide two-week training events that bring together diverse groups of practitioners from federal, state, and local agencies; tribes; NGOs; universities; private contractors and local landowners. Grounded in NWCG standards and using a typical incident command system, TREX build local capacity and provide new perspectives to professional fire workers, while completing treatments that help communities and ecosystems.


National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy

The National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy is a collaborative process with active involvement of all levels of government and non-governmental organizations, as well as the public, to seek national, all-lands solutions to wildland fire management issues.


Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network

The Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network's mission is to connect and support people and communities who are striving to live more safely with wildfire. The Network is a catalyst for spreading best practices and innovations in fire adaptation concepts nationwide.

The purpose of FAC Net is to exchange information, collaborate to enhance the practice of fire adaptation, and work together and at multiple scales to help communities live safely with fire. This includes embracing resiliency concepts and taking action before, during and after wildfires.


Southwest Fire Science Consortium

The consortium is a way for managers, scientists, and policy makers to interact and share science. Their goal is to see the best science used to make management decisions and scientists working on the questions managers need answered.

The Southwest is one of the most fire-dominated regions of the US, and the Consortium is the only regional organization focused on fire research and information dissemination across agency, administrative, and state boundaries. The Consortium brings together localized efforts to develop scientific information and to disseminate that to practitioners on the ground through an inclusive and open process.