Private Land Pile Burn / Hazard Trees

We had a very good and productive roll to a private ranch in southern Colorado. Over the course of 10 days the following was accomplished:

  • We burned 41 machine piles, reducing the fuel loading and potential for catastrophic wildfire in the a critical river basin. These piles were the byproduct of several hundred acres of forestry work.

  • We cut out the conifer encroachment:

    • In 53 acres of aspen stands, as part of the ranch’s forest management plan to address ranch wide aspen decline

    • 16 acres of narrow leaf cottonwood bosque, improving riparian habitat and protecting an unique higher elevation gallery

  • We treated 12.75 miles of road, removing hazard trees along important Ranch access and emergency egress roads.

  • We conducted 2 days of live fire wildland fire training for Northern Arizona University SAFE (Student Association of Fire Ecology).  

  • Authored a 5 year, ranch wide, prescriptive pile burn plan. This plan is the first ever submitted under the new Archuleta County burn MOU program. The MOU program is the culmination of a big effort by our partners at CPLA to get Archuleta County to systematically support private land burning and create a sustainable platform for fire as a tool in mitigation.