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Dave Lasky

Module Lead;
Fire Management Director - Forest Stewards Guild

A fifteen year veteran of wildland fire, Dave is a Type 2 Burn Boss, Type 4 Incident Commander, and Task Force Leader.

He has worked across the industry as an Engine Boss, Fire Crew Leader for the Four Mile Fire Department, as a member of the White River Wildland Fire Module, and on the Boulder County Type 3 IMT.  Dave got his start in fire initially as a private contractor running a restoration forestry business that utilized draft horses as the motive power source.

Prior to fire, Dave spent 10 years in Experiential Education, working an instructor on 50 day wilderness expeditions for adolescents and as the Executive Director of the Institute for Creative Education.

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Daniel Godwin

Assistant Module Lead
Assistant Director of Fire Management - Forest Stewards Guild

Daniel Godwin is originally from north Florida, where fire is about as ubiquitous as fried mullet and sweet tea.

He started his fire career with The Nature Conservancy after graduating from the University of Florida, working on an engine module supporting interagency prescribed fire.  He completed his PhD at the University of Missouri - Columbia, where he investigated the interrelation of fire intensity, rainfall, and tree mortality in the savannas of Kruger National Park, South Africa. At Mizzou, he founded and equipped the local chapter of the Student Association for Fire Ecology to provide qualified personnel for prescribed burns on Missouri public and private lands. 

Daniel is a qualified engine boss, firing boss, fire effects monitor, and resource adviser, and has helped put good fire on the ground across the US. Outside of fire, he has managed a non-profit outdoor guiding service, worked in collections management of cultural resources, and led backpacking trips in New Mexico. 



Module Squad Boss

Now in his fifth season of wildland fire, Thayer is a fully qualified Squad Boss and Engine Boss Trainee.


He has worked on many federal resources within the intermountain west, including the White River Wildland Fire Module.  Work with the module provided experience in a wide variety of fuel types, including the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and extensively within the Rocky Mountain region.

With a passion for restoring balance to our forests through the implementation of prescribed fire, Thayer now splits his time between Gravitas Peak and the San Juan National Forest.

Outside of fire, Thayer is working to finish his undergraduate degree at CU Boulder, with a double major in Geography and Psychology.



Planning Specialist

Kate travels with the fire module to support the increase in scale and prevalence of prescribed fire and coordinates the module’s project schedule. Kate grew up in northern California but has traveled across the West and Southeast with federal and NGO handcrews, helitack, and fire effects modules. She received her Bachelor’s in Forestry and Wildland Fire Management from Humboldt State University and completed some graduate coursework at Oregon State University expanding a fuels monitoring guide. Her professional interests include applied science, community engagement in natural resource management, and plant community shifts. When not at work, Kate can be found outside with her canine counterpart, utilizing her local library, or testing a new recipe.



Tyler Gilbert

Logistics Technician

Tyler is responsible for any logistical needs the module has to support its many operational functions.

This includes the maintenance of module apparatus, equipment, tools, and personal protective equipment. She is also responsible for the food program of the module, and works closely with the module’s fire apprentices. After receiving her undergraduate degree in Natural Resource Conservation from the University of Florida, Tyler went on to receive a Master of Science degree from the University of Idaho in Fire Ecology. While there, Tyler worked with many other researchers from across the country to investigate the effects of soil heating from prescribed fire to soil carbon respiration in sandhill and flatwoods ecosystems in Florida. Growing up in the swamplands of northern Florida, Tyler developed a passion for conservation early in life. Sher has worked in a myriad of ecosystems in the Southeastern United States and looks forward to her work in the West. Her professional interests include ecophysiology, habitat restoration, applied ecology, forestry, and botany. She is also incredibly passionate about tolerance, respect, the empowerment of others, and bicycles.